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Resize Image Live - Crop, Resize, and Edit Images Online is a free online image resizer tool that helps you crop, resize, and edit your images in JPG|GIF|PNG|BMP format.

Improve your page speed by resizing your images, photos, and scanned documents, to your desired proportion, without losing its quality.

How do visuals affect the brain?

Today, visual communication is considered one of the effective ways to communicate information. Our brain processes the visual information 60,000 times faster than the text.

Today, images are an essential part of social media platforms and search engines. Almost every social media platform or a search engine like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, has a separate section for the images and photos. They allow you to capture your every moment and upload it, share it with your friends and family, or in social circles.

However, the question arises. Why the images and photos are so necessary for the social media platform and search engines?

Our brain processes the visual information way faster than the text. Moreover, the mind can identify a similar object within 100 milliseconds.

If I say an image worth more than a thousand words, it would not be wrong.

The image conveys way more information than a thousand words cannot even describe.

Therefore, the images are now an essential part of our advertisement. Today, people have an attention span of fewer than nine seconds. The advertisement space is becoming expensive and is limited. Therefore, images are considered a reliable source to communicate information.

Why are images important on the website?

Millions of websites are there on the internet that is related either to blog or to e-commerce. Each website depends on the images to convey the information, even though the researchers say that images consume more than 60% of the total bandwidth.

Almost every blog post contains images to communicate information. The e-commerce websites are highly dependent upon the product images to attract customers. Having the products' quality images from different angles, no doubt, helps you convert the potential customer to the actual customer.

What is the impact of image size and its quality on page speed?

No doubt, you need images on your website as well as in your display ads. However, just having images are not enough. Having good quality and exact size images that convey the information you want to share is also essential.

It is better to have images in exact size instead of scaling them. Such appealing photos are shared, liked, and commented on by most visitors. It will result in increased user engagement, decrease your bounce rate, and better user experience and conversion rate.

But as discussed earlier, the images consume the majority of your server resources. And increase the size of the page. That also affects the page loading speed of the webpage.

Nowadays, the majority of people are connected to the internet through mobile devices. In October 2016, the first time, more people were online from smartphones and tablets than desktop computers.

However, the majority of the people that use smartphones to connect to the internet use mobile data. In developing countries, the data transfer rate of broadband is usually higher than mobile data. That means the people with a slow internet connection have to wait longer for the web page to load completely.

What is the impact of page speed on SEO ranking?

Today, websites compete to better rank in SERPs and adopt different solutions and strategies for better SEO ranking.

Statistics from Google indicate that 50% of website visitors expect a website to load on the mobile screen within 2 seconds. More than 53% of users will probably leave the web page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

It means that page speed is one of the crucial factors that affect user experience. Moreover, for Google, the user is the boss. Having a good user experience positively affects your SEO ranking.

Images are an essential part of each website. However, using high-quality photos increase not only your bandwidth usage but also increase your page loading speed. Especially for mobile users, with a slow internet connection, that situation becomes quite worst.

Google judged that trend long ago, changed its algorithm, and issued new instructions regarding web design. That is why Google adopted a mobile first-indexing policy.

Even in the mid of 2020, many top websites lost almost 70% of the website traffic, affecting their SEO ranking because they were not competing with Google page speed standards. Moreover, for 2021, Google announced that their next algorithm change would depend on the user experience.

Now the real question is that we all know, excellent quality and adequately sized images are essential for the websites. But how can we optimize the images that provide us the desired results and not affect our page speed and SEO ranking?

The programmers created several online tools, plugins, and software to optimize the images. That resizes the pictures but does not affect its quality. does the job well and resizes the images. Helps you crop, alter the size, and edit your photos in JPG|GIF|PNG|BMP format. That not only improve your page speed, but you can also get the image in the desired proportion without losing its quality.

How to use the "" image resizer tool to optimize your image?

To use the, perform the following steps.

  • Open the Resize Image Online tool.
  • You can either upload the image from your computer or system or use the "From URL" option to upload it.
  • After uploading the image, different options will appear.
  • You can crop, rotate, and flip the image.
  • You can resize your image. It makes pictures 25%, 50%, 75% smaller or can give the custom size. You can either select the size in pixel or percentage.
  • After completing the cropping, resizing, and editing of the image, you can download the image in JPG|GIF|PNG|BMP format.
Do we save or keep a copy of your image?

Protecting user trust is our top priority. We do not save or keep a copy of any image, photo, or scanned document that the user uploads for resizing or cropping purposes.

Note: We do not keep a copy of the resulted/resized image. Therefore, please save or download the resulted/resized image into your desired location for future use if you are happy and satisfied with the results.